Water and Land.

The wind was starting up later than usual, so I went back to see Siwash rock, not in the shade!

For a Monday, the beaches were busy, but mostly moms and smaller kids.

Correction: 2 moms, 2 grandmas, and 1 dad. And they were enjoying the (still cold) water!

The boats were out enjoying the weather, too.

...I just noticed something in the last image... ..."computer, Enhance!"... It looks like that jet-ski is travelling at full speed, and having trouble reading the speed limit sign...

...and here come the umpires in hot persuit! I don't think they're too impressed, as the jetski also roared by an earlier speed limit sign a half kilometer back...

...just another young family out for a stroll. ...looks like junior is eyeing those little daisies...

Not a rhodo.

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