More nice weather.

...I bet you weren't expecting an elephant! I've walked past this yard many times and not seen it before. It's placed in a difficult to see, shaded location.

Sorry. ...just a few more of the local rhodos...

...ok. Last one.

Well, maybe not. These guys have a car the same colour as their rhodo bush!

This stump don't care. It's doing a big shrug.

Absolutely the last one...'s a disease, isn't it...

Hey! A sailboat! ...maybe they could name it after a colourful popular local bush...

You know. Kinda like this one. Purely as an example with pale colours, of course. I wouldn't be looking for excuses to add another rhodo picture. Would I?

...and a little colour might be ok too, right? case of rhodo, go to next page... page.