Paddle day.

How do you like my short-cut? As long as they don't drop anchor...

Lion's Gate Bridge. I've been all the way around Stanley Park, but it needs the promise of flatter water for longer than today's weather was offering.

Siwash Rock, looking North East.

And again, looking South West. It was still too early in the day for the sun to reach the base of the cliffs.

The lonely tree on the point, with the Kitsilano apartment buildings in the background.

The same tree form the other side!

The same tree, as seen from the apartment balcony.

Not fair! Not fair! They get to take advantage of the wind, while I get the joy of fighting it, with only Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Elbowgrease to help me.

...though, even the sailboat doesn't get to enjoy the serenity...

I've never been fond of jet-skis. They do look like they could be fun though...

Ok, this is serious stuff. The police have a new toy. Titan Boats Raptor 2, made on Vancouver Island, 5,000 lbs, 2 x 300HP, seats 10 on special hydraulic dampened seats.
As it prowled by I took many pictures. Every one of the crew took a good look at me at some point. Two of them waved! The female officer was grinning at the camera in many of them.

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