This is right after the last picture. It surfaced to breathe, and changed direction and is now heading straight for me.

This is exactly what happened the other day, too. The first time it comes near me, it changes direction and then comes straight at me.

That whale is very aware of us paddlers.

The previous day, it surfaced past me by a short distance, so this time I turned and waited, and sure enough...

I'm sure glad that I don't look like a school of sardines!

Turning east again, passing between me and another paddler.

...and another paddler.

This was a vary difficult picture to get: The kayak and the whale.

Meanwhile, back at the marina. I had never seen such a build-up of mussels on a sailboat! At least 4" thick! That boat was a floating ecological preserve!
Oh well, mussel is on the menu at Bridges tonight! There's even a dungeoness crab in there! The pinkish shape, along the bottom edge, to the right.

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