Thar she blows!

It seemed to be hanging around an area about 1 km in diameter.

So everyone sort of found a spot, and waited...

"Ok, Pull, Pull, Pull, C'mon Pull, 2, 1, SWITCH, Pull, Pull, Pull, Let's GO GO GO!" They didn't seem to notice the whale...

This is the closest pass that it made to me, about 50 ft away.

Correction: this is the closest pass it made to me, that I saw!

The zoom lens I have on the camera is mostly a wide angle specialist with limited telephoto use.

It turned on it's side, that's its tail fluke on edge. Anyway, so I kept the lens at full telephoto position so I could aim quicker when it surfaced.

Here it's lower jaw is visible, again, it's on its side. Anyway, I can't turn around in the kayak, so my field of view is front and side to side.

Cruising by with Kits beach in the background. Anyway, at one point there was a sudden "PFOAH" right behind me, and after nearly jumping out of the kayak,
all I could do was aim the camera back over my shoulder and take as many pictures as I could. ...Four beautiful telephoto shots of a small patch of water immediately behind me. Not wide angle. No whale in pic.
The passenger in that little power boat in the pic a few images up was also taking pictures, and afterward they powered over to me and told me that they got some good shots of me with the whale, and would I like copies?
I gave them my phone number. ...still waiting...

It must be time to head back in, even the whale in the distance is heading towards that blue trimmed apartment building on the left.
...just a minute... That's the building that I live in! I never expected to take a picture of the apartment building with a whale in the foreground! ...Vancouver.

A 10.4 km paddle, and you can see where the whale was hanging out. While waiting, the wind was blowing me to the west (left, on the chart).

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