Small stuff.

Moldavite. A meteor impact in Germany caused this molten splatter to be ejected. It landed about 250 km away in the Czech Republic.

Pallasite. From the Seymchan meteor found in east Russia in 1967, part of the 351kg recovered. Olivine clusters in an iron matrix. "Space Jewellery"

A 12 million year old sand dollar fossil.

Ollenellus trilobite, 540 - 520 million years old, one of the first trilobite species to appear.

Sand Tiger shark teeth, extinct 40 million years ago.

A modern, but still 5 million year old, Sand Tiger Shark tooth.

3 million year old Great White Shark tooth.

The very much larger Megalodon Shark tooth, 25 million years old. Extinct 15 million years ago. page.