Christmas Presence.

The preparations are almost done: the cookies are baked!

Even the "Ninja" -bread men! (Persons?) Seen here, defending their territory from the invading snowmen (persons?)!

It's morning presents time! Yuko knew exactly which one to go for first...

...she's known there was something in that box for 10 weeks now, but finally gets to find out what it is!

I found out about them early, and managed to get the last one of the first shipment in early October...

"Some assembly required" ? Nope. It's all digital now. An app downloading on the phone, a battery charging from the laptop, and instructions being read on the tablet.

(meanwhile) Thanks, Doreen!

...and Mom!

...and Yuko! Finally, a good x-country ski for me! Even has metal edges, an essential out here on the coast. page.