...well, it's New Westminster, actually. This was close to the outside table where I had lunch.

It was a nice bike ride, so far... Now, about those GVRD water shortages: Here's a massive, untapped, river flowing right through the region... Hint, hint.

This path was new to me, the "BC Parkway". This certainly helped for getting through the roadway maze here.

The Mandeville Garden Works provided a brief respite from the peddling...

Taken from my GPS: a 64 km trip, clockwise, with one nasty hill...

Two days later: along Spanish Banks. ...not cycling!

Near Jericho Sailing Center. Kayaks. Hmmmm. ...this gives me an idea...

Sailing classes were about to start.

Rather than walk along Marine Drive, I took a "short cut" along the cycling trail, which is actually the longer route... Oops!

And finally reached my destination: UBC. Rememeber Gage towers, Jim? The trees are bigger... page.