A challenge...

Unassisted. Can she do it? It's a 2000 piece puzzle, and her previous record is only 1500. Day 1. That tablecloth might not be a good idea...

Day 2. The need for a proper puzzle-building surface prompted the addition of this very sturdy honeycomb-core cardboard.

Day 3. Making progress. Many extra containers and flat surfaces for sorting.

Day 4. Beginning work on the smaller details.

Day 5. All of the larger sections with unique colours are now done.

Day 6. The break-through day. It's just filling in sections, now.

Day 7. The final stages, finishing off the areas with the least detail.

Day 8. All done! And well done! ...just 1 missing piece... ...oops, it was hiding on the floor, under the freezer!!

Lots of funny little cartoons made building the puzzle more fun!

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