Whistler Hiway.

About 25 km before Whistler, we came upon this situation, about 1-2 minutes after it had happened. We used our car to block one of the north-bound lanes of traffic, and then Yuko began directing traffic around the accident. Two of those that stopped first included a nurse and an off duty Emergency Med Tech. The main witness described how the one car had just drifted across the lanes and into the oncoming traffic.

16 minutes. There were no fatalaties, otherwise I wouldn't feel right taking pictures. The police car arrived first, and told us to stop all traffic in both directions. You can see Yuko still blocking traffic at the extreme left. The ambulance is just arriving. The policeman then cordoned off a large area behind me that we were now inside.

21 minutes. The second ambulance had arrived, and extracting and evacuation plans are being finalized. Throughout this situation, the police, paramedics, and firemen were very tolerant of the presence of those of us who had stopped to help. They did however chase away all the on-lookers that arrived later. The traffic was very heavy going to Whistler, and was eventually backed up over 25 km all the way to Squamish.

28 minutes. The emergency response truck and a fire truck had arrived, and they now had the tools they needed to safely begin to extract the occupants.

29 minutes. Even though the front of this car is completely compressed, the driver was alert and moving.

32 minutes. The first of 2 medical evacuation helicopters arrived, landing in the space set up by the police.

32 minutes. The helicopter circled around to arrive facing into the wind.

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