Heeere's ENZO !!!! ...there goes the neighbourhood.

The corner of Burrard and 3rd Ave, 5 blocks away. A spectacular replacement for their original location in the Italian neighbourhoods near Commercial Drive.
Not that many will care, but the light blue car on the upper floor is a Ferrari California, and the red one with the white hood stripe on the ground floor is a 2004 Ferrari 360 (20,000km, only $169,995!). The white one is a Maserati. Oh, and that stack of red ones...

Part of the building is set up as a collector's showcase.

Each of these cars were produced in limited runs, usually offered only to a select group of proven Ferrari collectors, all are street-legal and were prepaid prior to production. This collection includes the main 4 ( #2, 3, 4, & 5) of the full set of 6. Since #1 and #2 are very similar, having one or the other probably still counts at the full set. Number 6, the FXX ($2.5 million, 850HP, 0-100 km/h 2.5 sec), cannot possibly be here, as all of them must remain at the Ferrari factory, only to be driven by their owners on special race track days. The FXX is not street-legal, and it is full of F1 detectors and telemetry to provide the engineers with real-time data, since they are being used as test-models for future vehicles. And since #6 can't possibly be here, and is essentially a modified #5, this should still count as a "complete" collection...

Top to bottom (all in Rossa Corsa, or "racing red"), each had a list price of about $500,000, though they all sell for a lot more now!

At the top: 1984, 272 made, Ferrari 288 GTO, 2.9L turbo V8, 400HP, 0-100 km/h ~ 4.8 sec, first street legal car to reach 300 km/h.
Next one down: 87-92, 1315 made, Ferrari F40, 2.9L twin turbo V8, 470HP, 0-100 km/h ~3.8 sec, 1st street legal car to reach 320 km/h.
Next to bottom: 1995, 347 made, Ferrari F50, 4.7L non-turbo V12, 513HP, 0-100 km/h 3.6 sec, engine based on the 1992 F1 racing engine.
At the bottom: 2002, 400 made, Enzo Ferrari, 6.0L non-turbo V12, 650HP, 0-100 km/h 3.1 sec, top speed 363 km/h, many F1 components.

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