Trucks and cranes!

The rescue was slow, and uneventful. The City engineers came out to check on why the sidewalk concrete broke, the fire department was on hand in case the fuel tanks caught fire and threatened the neighbouring buildings, the Workers Compensation staff came to check on the Safety regulations being met (they weren't the cause of the accident, but there were issues with the construction site), the Fire department's Rescue & Safety people were on hand to make sure the situation didn't get worse, the police were on hand to keep the growing crowds away, the spouses of some of the truck and crane crews showed up and looked appropriately concerned, the City workers were there putting up road barriers to block the street, there were even a few extra police arriving, taking pictures on their cell phones, and then leaving. I'm sure I missed a few, but over-all, it was a good excercise for all involved.

Almost back down. The outrigger that broke through was still trapped in the ground.

The truck eventually started up, and everything seemed to work OK, and so it drove away on its own.

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