The medal count: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory style!
So just exactly how many gold medals stayed in Canada anyway? Well, 14 Gold medals only refers to the actual competition, not the actual number of medals handed out. So team sports like Curling will count as "1 medal", even though 5 medals are handed out, one to each team member. So in actual medals handed out, Canada did extremely well, mostly by winning both men's and women's hockey!
Men's hockey = 23 medals
Women's hockey = 21 medals
Men's curling = 5 medals
Men's Short Track team race = 4 medals
Men's Long Track team race = 3 medals
Women's Bobsleigh = 2 medals
Ice Dance = 2 medals
plus the 7 other single competitor gold medals.
This totals 67 of the 175 Gold medals awarded during the games stayed with Canadians!
The next closest teams are Norway (16), Germany (15), USA (12), Sweden (12), Austria (11), China (9).

!!! Podium Owned !!!

The Olympic Athlete's Village shown here, will now be down-sized for the Paralympics...

The Paralympic Athlete's Village includes only these buildings/tents. Japan has only a few Paralympic athletes (and Yuko is running out of vacation time), and there is no Paralympic Short Track skating, so Yuko and I have officially completed our volunteer duties. Vanoc had a number of parting gifts for all, including a Swatch watch. Yuko helped clean up after the Japan Olympic team, and came home with many gifts and autographs and even a few Japan 2010 official team clothing items. Even shoes for me...

The Russians are GOING, the Russians are GOING, the Russians are GONE!

The Science World cleanup runs into a snag: the glue used on the blue poster is peeling the paint off of the support pillar!

...I guess it all had to end sometime...

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