The last short-track day, and the breakroom was all eyes on the Slovakia-Canada hockey game... It was also nice to see the Canadian Men short track skaters win those 3 medals!

...meanwhile, back on Robson Street: Ms Canada !!
After the skating I had to take one bus from the PNE to downtown, then another bus from downtown to Kitsilano, where my truck was parked, then I drove to Squamish, and then take a shuttle bus from Squamish to Whistler, arriving shortly after 11pm. Which is where I am now (Monday evening), with a few ski days done, and very tired legs. Like everyone else (I hope), I watched the THE hockey game, and then toured the Whistler party zones (without camera, I know when to stop!). Today, the day after the Olympics, the ski hill was very empty til about noon. Lots of late parties! Actually, the Olympics made for very quiet skiing on Blackcomb on Thursday and Saturday. Very enjoyable, with plenty of fresh snow.

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