Yesterday Yuko started at 8am, and got back at 11pm. Lots excitement over the Japanese figure-skater's Bronze medal. Today, Yuko has the day off, so we... Well actually... she used her Olympic Volunteer ID with its "any event, anywhere" super-ticket status, and jumped an athletes bus to Whistler. She's there now, apparently checking out the ski jumping and Super G skiing. This means I get to stay home and do laundry. So after the chores, I went to lunch at the Atlantic Canada place on Granville Island. Long line-up, and after 15 minutes in line, I learned that apparently the next "food tasting" will be in 90 minutes from now. G'bye.

So instead, I found the nearby "Place de Francaphonie", which occupies the Community Center on Granville Island.

French CBC was being played throughout, and their cafeteria was not full, and the displays had that Junior HighSchool look... That's macrame and wine corks...

And this is their "Live" center, a pulsing, throbbing center of Francophone joie de vivre... Ok, it was deserted.

Sooo.... Off to downtown, and the Alberta pavilion, with a surprise short line-up to enter the restaurant. Ok, I'll try lunch here!

The decepively simple signage fronted a deceptively simple eatery!

Very "cowboy basic" menu: Meat. But it was good! Oh, and beer.

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