A grey Monday seemed a better time to visit the Russky Dom than on a sunny Sunday!

As the Russian pavilion showcasing the 2014 Winter Olympics, I was interested in their map of the future games site. There is an airport just off to the left, and the ski hill in the background. It looks to be a dry region of the country, based on the area pictures nearby.

Ok, so there are Russian VW's... Actually, this pavilion had a lot of interactive stuff, even (and especially) for kids. Worth a look!

And Russian sailors from the visiting tall ship, who wanted their picture taken beside the famous Russian hockey player uniforms: Federov and Bure. There was a lot of Hockey Hall of Fame stuff to see.

Even some folk dancing to a 70's backdrop! Also a souvenier shop, $90 for a t-shirt, $30 for a ball cap. Don't ask how I know... Many people walked in, took one look at the prices, and walked right back out. Hey, someone's got to rescue the Russian economy!

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