So, it's finally started... The count-down clock is now the count-up clock!

And the typical tourist is becoming more noticably... fanatic.

I wanted to see the location of the Gretsky Flame, but it`s hard to get close...

And here`s why: It`s behind a tall fence!

Here`s the Yaletown party zone, it had a 1 block line-up to get in, but I think this is better left for evenings and carousing... Actually, regarding linups, almost everything worth seeing now had a 1 block long line up. I`m glad I got in early on some places.

Today was my first official event, and the warmup skaters (short track) were out when I arrived (a little early). The stands were full, and any time a Canadian took the lead in a race the noise was deafening! In an interesting quirk of duty assignments, Yuko was at the event as a coach`s driver, and got to see a lot of the racing! We didn`t see each other, but I`m in at least one of her pictures. We all look alike in those blue outfits... She also got to drive the Long Track coach to the Richmond Oval, and got to watch the Dutch skater win the gold medal! She`s having fun, even with the long days... I got home at about 9:30pm, she was about an hour earlier.

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