The REAL opening ceremony dress rehearsal is tonight, and these are the spectators streaming in.

Vanoc, in its infinite wisdom, decided to make the dress rehearsal open to the volunteers, which of course would also give the security check-in people a chance to see how their people flow set-up was working. So tickets were made available to any volunteers that wanted ONE, and extras could be purchased for $50. Yuko really wanted to go but I was not too keen, and then they told us: No Cameras. No Pictures. To keep the ceremony a surprise, they didn't want any pictures released ahead of time. Fair enough, but no camera = no Don. So now Yuko isn't happy that I'm not interested in going with her, but I offered to get my ticket for her to give someone that would like to go.
So far all is clear. Then there turns out to be a 3 hour line up to get the tickets, which Yuko won't have time for. Now she's not happy at all. So I get conscripted to get both tickets, since I have more spare time. I asked her why the rush. because according to the email we all got, the tickets are randomly assigned, and they asked us to come in for them on certain dates depending on our last initial. Well. Her group hadn't received that email, so she didn't know, which also explained the 3hr lineups.
So I picked up the 2 tickets for her, and she invited her Library co-worker along, who was just as eager as Yuko to go...
Now, maybe you see the flaw in this plan, but Vanoc missed it: If all the volunteers go to the dress rehearsal (an event that will need most volunteers on duty), then we will have a problem here.
Sure enough, the day after I picked up the tickets, Yuko is told she must be on duty that night. She's not too happy with this, but decides to give both tickets to her friend, who has no trouble finding someone else to use it. Well, Yuko was not the only annoyed volunteer, there was quite a rumble from those who also bought the $50 extra tickets, and now looked to be out a bit of cash as well. So, yet another directive: If you want to go to the dress rehearsal. it's ok to go, and they would be able to manage with the remaining crew. Well now Yuko's steaming, because she had just given the tickets away! Soooo, Vanoc, in its infinate wisdom, then decided to give replacement tickets to people in Yuko's situation, and so now she has another one, and right now she is at that rehearsal. Whew. Long bumpy road, but such is the wisdom, forethought, and generosity of large organizations...

The Bay, official Olympic Stuff Etc Purveyor, now has a line-up to get into that section of the store. Even on a rainy afternoon. Ahhh, tourists and their $$$ are soon parted! (says the guy with an expensive Team Canada Jersey. And one for Yuko, too)

CTV is almost done with their Outdoor Studio / Speed Bump on Robson St.

And they all have their own red jackets, which makes it easy to spot them interviewing the tourists.

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