Olympification, cont'd...

Well, Yuko's 4th day, and it's finally reached the "Full-time" mode! She started about 8am, and finished 9:30 pm, and when she got home, it was phone call, and emails, and schedules until 11:30pm when I went to sleep. Don't know how late it went... Looks like she's organizing the volunteers shifts now too. She picked up one of the skating officials from the airport, along with many many boxes. She's enjoying the fact that her Olympic ID lets her into the Airport International Arrivals baggage pick up area! The official was very pleasantly surprised at the very beautiful Athlete's Village, and the close proximity of everything to the City and the airport. Apparently the Nagano and Turino Olympics were out in the middle of nowhere... Yuko has many good pictures, but I can't use them yet... On Tuesday she has the day off, as the volunteers must be given at least 1 day off out of every 7, so she took hers earlier. Her plans? To go back to the Athlete's Village with a camera that can take wider angle images, and to buy some some stuff from the Athlete's shops, which will only be available to non-athletes prior to Feb 4th, and has some Olympic clothing that will not be sold at any other outlets. So on her off day she is right back there again! But of course this time she will have a bit more free time... Apparently the athletes don't arrive in the village until Feb 4th, so for now it's various officials from the different countries. According to Yuko, the Autralian and the New Zealand team jackets are the nicest, and the Italian's the worst. The Swedes look like volunteeers with their light blue! Flags and banners beginning to be hung from balconies.
Since my next workday isn't until Feb 12, nothing for me to report... Oh, our volunteer identification works as an unlimited bus and transit pass until mid-March, so I used it for a free train ride to Richmond to get the O-Zone pictures. Convenient! UBC roads are now being closed, so it's now a longer drive for me.

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