Olympification, cont'd...

On the next day, Yuko returned to the Athlete's Village, for day #2, at the "headquarters" for the Japanese team, checking the athlete's rooms to make sure that everything worked, from toilets to electric kettles. They set up their headquarters in one of the 3 bedroom suites among the athlete rooms. These rooms are condos that will be sold after the games, so they all have kitchens that have been walled off to prevent their use! Meals are provided, so no need to cook. Then she was asked to familiarize herself with the best travel routes between event locations, so she went driving for the afternoon.
Don (me), meanwhile, had a "location familiarization" that morning at the PNE location for the short track skating. This included a good tour of much of the facility, and I was allowed to photograph almost everything, including potentially sensitive locations. However, the understanding is that pictures are OK, but don't email or web post them til after the olympics. The skating area is beautifully set up now, but they also asked us not to spoil the surprise for the first event, so I won't be putting those pictures up until after the first images are televised... I am going to, however, include this image (which I don't think will compromise any security) of the ~300 seat media room, showing the rows and rows of chairs, soon to have workstations installed. The data cable bundles in here are massive. No wireless in use anywhere. Apparently the figure skating & short track have the largest media center outside the main downtown media center.

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