Things that go THUMP in the middle of the night!

It was just another dark and stormy Friday night, when at 3AM (just after the bars closed)
we were woken by a loud thump. Three obviously drunk guys were standing around the truck trying to
get it unstuck, but it was well trapped by the retainer wall. I called 911, and the good guys arrived
pretty quick. The 3 drunks made no attempt to leave the scene, and seemed cooperative. I went down for
a closer look, and the drunkest of the 3 told me "we were gonna do donuts on the grass, but we got stuck".
It took an hour for 2 towtrucks to extract the truck without further damage.
The real stupidity?
The "donuts" guys is a tenant in the building!
The manager had some pretty bad news for this guy.

The towtruck lifted the pickup truck's front by the front wheels, and pushed it back onto the lawn.

That morning (Saturday). Complete with 2 Heinekin empty's...
Based on 3 sets of skid marks, they tried to back up before reaching the wall, but only managed to dig a tire hole in the wet grass.
Then they moved about 5 feet closer to the edge, and there they actually then accelerated hard, straight at the drop-off!
The skid marks show the grass and dirt sprayed away from the drop off. "Alcohol was involved".
There is a final set of skid marks that were made by the rear wheels once they were stuck.
There is a lot of lawn damage caused by the rescue efforts.

Tuesday afternoon, the repairs begin. We expect a "Suite for Rent" sign to appear soon...

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