Whistler: Spring 2005

We booked this vacation in early January, expecting a "normal" ski week...
Well, then there wes No snow in January, No snow in February, No snow in early March...
By which time we had resigned ourselves to bringing roller blades and bikes, and not getting to ski at all.
Then the snow arrived in late March, and continued arriving til Apr 17th!
Sooo.... We were skiing Monday 18th on fresh snow, with a 250cm base, and still -7 C !!
This was going to be fun!

In the morning, looking up from our balcony, the snow was still on the trees, and the hill looked inviting!

And even though the snow up top was still cold,
the air at the mountain base was warm enough for dinner on the balcony!
A great palce to taste Yuko's newest jam creations on fresh baked rolls.

The hill was not busy, and it was fun to have it mostly to ourselves!
We could actually ski entire runs and see only a few other skiers off in the distance.

Looking down the uppermost run on Whisler, where the snow was still a most excellect packed powder.
Further down, and off to the left, Don discovered the folly of skiing wearing his regular (expensive) glasses.
After a minor wipeout on a steep slope of deep fresh snow, Yuko finally found them after 1 hr of searching.
Thank you so very much Yuko!
She earned a "free" clothes shopping spree for that one!
Contact lenses in for the rest of the week!
Oh, and Don also discovered the folly of NOT wearing sunscreen on day 1.
This too was corrected on subsequent days.

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